Dr. Danger Coffee is at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens!


Dr. Danger Coffee is at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens! Created by Former Chief Medical Correspondent at NBC and CBS, Bob Arnot, Dr. Danger Coffee products aim to satisfy any caffeine enthusiast with an interest in healthy living. Dr. Arnot spent years working with humanitarian aid organizations across Africa as a traveling physician as well as in parts of the Middle East. As an aid and correspondent, he worked with people in crisis across the globe from Darfur to Somalia, which he documented on his TV show, Dr. Danger. For years, like many before him, Arnot wanted to find an achievable way to make the world a better place. The best answer that he found was in providing some fom of sustainable development to these communities so that the people within these ailing communities could support themselves and their families long-term. Coffee was the solution that Dr. Danger himself chose to endorse. In his own words, Arnot reveals "coffee is a high value cash crop. If you reward farmers for great growing practices, they can thrive." He chose to start to Dr. Danger Coffees as a way of providing communities with the best possible coffee grown from the best beans from around the globe. Dr. Danger Coffee directly sponsors a Kenyan orphanage that works with the farmers in some of the struggling growing regions in Africa to encourage better growth and better economic reward for them and their posterity. 

Dr. Danger hopes that consumers of his line of products will "feel sharper, healthier and physically more energetic than [they] have in years". So what makes Dr. Danger coffee so different from most brands on the shelf? Better beans from some of the best growing regions across the globe that few know about. Dr. Danger coffees are packed full of up to 400% more polyphenols than other standard coffees and that means major health benefits, including the main antioxidant found in coffee known as chlorogenics. Polyphenols, one of the top antioxidants, found in lots of fresh produce and musky merlots, also have incredible anti-inflammatory properties, that help to work against the leading causes of chronic illnesses like heart disease. As Dr. Danger states "for many Americans, drinking coffee may be the single healthiest activity they undertake in any given day, if it's the RIGHT coffee." According to a recent broadcast of The Dr. Oz Show on the pros and cons of coffee consumption from May of this year, those who enjoy a regular cup of coffee may have a reduced risk of developing debilitating diseases like Parkinson's or Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Oz also states that coffee works to stimulate the brain in such a way that it may improve memory and overall cognitive function over time. 

Come by Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens today to experience all that Dr. Danger coffee has to offer! We have cold samples on site of delicious iced coffee, made from some of the best beans around, direct from the man who knows quality beans and the importance of proper nutrition. Dr. Danger Coffees are available in a variety of blends and strong flavors, ranging from Hard Core, built for strong performance and originating from Ethiopia, to Night Ops, a Decaf coffee with a kick. Drink your morning cup with the confidence of superior health, and support the families of farmers working across Africa to provide you with the best quality experience every time.

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  • Tessa Eisenberg