How to Grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate

Himalayan Salt Plate

So, you want to grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate?


Barbecue season is upon us and Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens has your new favorite grilling companion on site: A Himalayan Salt Plate from Charcoal Companion.
Available in three different sizes from the standard 12.5 x 8 block to a set of four 5 x 5 blocks, these natural, multi-use surfaces provide the perfect excuse for a backyard gathering. 
Himalayan salt is the healthier alternative to the regular iodized, table salt that you have been using for years to add a little extra flavor to your cooking. Rich with the same 84 minerals and essential vitamins found within the human body, according to the website for the Global Healing Center, the beautiful, pink salt allows you to indulge free of guilt. The natural salt in these blocks comes straight from the Himalayan Mountain Range stretching across the Asian continent where it has been collecting for millions of years, safe from potential exposure to toxins. Aptly referred to as "white gold" in the Himalayas, this gift from nature comes with a long list of health benefits including the regulation of water levels within the body for optimum cell hydration and increased performance, to aiding in vascular health and even reducing the signs of aging. These salt blocks will naturally deteriorate over time with extended use, with no clean up or environmental harm (

Himalayan salt blocks are as versatile as they are visually stunning.

Throw one on top of the grill or gas range stove for cooking with various meats and vegetables from scallops and steak to asparagus and roasted peppers, or in the fridge to chill your food and preserve freshness for longer. These blocks can also be used as flavorful serving trays, adding an extra kick to any fresh, Summer meal. Serve apples and salted caramel after dinner, grill up some shrimp for a quick, easy appetizer, or slow cook a margherita pizza right on the block! The possibilities are virtually endless! Flip through the Charcoal Companion Salt Plate Recipe Book for great new ideas for fun recipes to share with your family this season like lamb chops and tabbouleh (Pg. 35) or Seared Scallops and Blood Orange and Avocado Salad (Pg. 19). Make this Summer a memorable one with the gift of healthier, natural, Himalayan salt. Available at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens on the Mountain rd in Stowe.  Check here for other great grilling companions

Check out this video of a Charcoal Companion Salt Block at work to learn more about how to use this innovative and revolutionary product!

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