Scents of Autumn Reign

Fill your home with the warm, inviting scents of Autumn this October. Allow each room to play a different character with a selection of scents or proudly display your favorite go-to fragrance throughout. Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens has proudly carried the Thymes line of personal care and houseware products for years to suit your continued support of its distinct, romantic fragrances for home and body. Browse our site for a few of our old favorites that we continue to use year after year.

Mandarin Coriander: Truly a customer favorite from day one, the Mandarin Coriander Home Fragrance Mist as well as the beautifully packaged, glass, 3-Wick Candle spreads the crisp, refreshing scent of Autumn throughout your home. Like the first bite into a Macintosh apple — straight from the tree — the Mandarin Coriander houseware products fill the air with the unmistakably tart and refreshing essence of citrus with cold-pressed mandarin oil and coriander. An instant pick-me-up in any room, especially suited for use in the kitchen to neutralize odors and help you to start each day off feeling fresh.

Lotus Santal: If you’re looking for an exotic scent to fill your home with warmth, look no further than the line of Lotus Santal products by Thymes. With notes of patchouli, red lotus and plum wood, the Lotus Santal scent fills your home with airs of sophistication and lush elegance. This fragrance feels reminiscent of sweet, cedar fires and mahogany coffee tables. Beautiful for use in a main living room or seating area as a great complement to plush velvet pillows and throws on a warm, smoky evening spent gathered around with a magnificent bordeaux decanting nearby into the night.

Gingerbread: A favorite around holiday time and long after, the Gingerbread line from Thymes will fill your home with nostalgia. The subtle spice of the gingerbread products reminds one of a mug of hot apple cider on a rainy afternoon — the memory of wet, fallen leaves nearby. Warm up a cold, tile bathroom with a Gingerbread diffuser, candle, or home fragrance aerosol spray or add joy to a lifeless corner office or study. Your guests will instantly feel at home in your space with this holiday staple lingering nearby. 

So much of commercial Autumn has been built upon a feeling. For years, manufacturers have struggled to identify what it is about this time of year that ignites such an overwhelming, newfound excitement in the everyday, hope for the new year and what that may bring. We’re in love with the Thymes home fragrance line and the variety of products that they continue to offer as they seem to have done it. These fragrances — either in the form of aerosols, diffusers or single-wick candles — have pocketed Autumn, bottled it up, and delivered it to our shelves for our loyal consumers like you. Welcome the purest form of joy into your homes this season — we present to you, a feeling.

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