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How to Grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate

So, you want to grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate?   Barbecue season is upon us and Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens has your new favorite grilling companion on site: A Himalayan Salt Plate from Charcoal Companion. Available in three different sizes from the standard 12.5 x 8 block to a set of four 5 x 5 blocks, these natural, multi-use surfaces provide the perfect excuse for a backyard gathering.  Himalayan salt is the healthier alternative to the regular iodized, table salt that you have been using for years to add a little extra flavor to your cooking. Rich with the same 84 minerals and essential vitamins found within the human body, according to the website for the Global Healing Center,...

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Cooking with Seasha at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens

Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens is new and improved! With a brand new cook-in kitchen and Dash & Albert rug center on the main floor, complete with custom upholstered seating and bedding, Vermont's favorite kitchen store just got a whole lot bigger! With the addition of our long-awaited kitchen center comes new weekend cooking classes from a selection of professional chefs from around the area. Here at Stowe Kitchen, Bath & Linens, we are blessed with our own in-house chef and culinary afficionado, our very own Seasha Scribner. Seasha will be leading the upcoming classes, beginning in mid-June following our grand opening of the new space on Tuesday, June 14th. The classes will be held on Friday evenings at Stowe Kitchen,...

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