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Summer Travel Tips

It's the season of travel: colorful caftans, comfortable yet stylish footwear for easy airport navigating, and natural, effortless beauty. Whether you are on-the-go off the coast of St. Barths or on-your-way to work, We have got you stocked with all of the essentials to just keep going. Vacation with ease with these top picks for the frequent travelers amongst us.

Stay Cool: "Revitalize your skin" with the Essential Face Wipes from local favorite health and skincare company, Ursa Major. Remove excess dirt and oil from sunscreen-clogged pores and let your face take a deep breath in. Add some life back to tired, sun-soaked skin and hydrate for added youth and vitality.

Stay Moisturized: Slip a 2.5 ounce bottle of Lafco hand cream into your purse before your next outing. In original scents ranging from Honeysuckle & Bergamot to Violet & Amberwood and Freesia & Waterlily, these perfect to-go size bottles add a refreshing burst of Summer to your skin with each application.

Stay Organized: Try our new toiletry and make-up bags for men and women by Catseye to stay organized this Summer. Slip one in your carry-all tote for everyday make-up products, keep one in your glove compartment for emergency essentials like safety pins and breath mints, or toss one in your gym bag to freshen up after a workout. Come in store to see our adorable, new, animal and hiker / adventurer themed styles.

Stay Stylish: Roll your cotton dresses and flip-flops in one of our terrific weekender bags by Sloane Ranger. This line is modeled after iconic "British Prep", offering anything from mini satchel bags to cross-body purses, wallets, duffels and slouchy backpacks. This company loves to feature more "preppy" prints, as they say, on their products: Think stripes, anchors, and playful, nostalgic prints like well-known antique cars.

Stay Creative: Don't let airline phone restrictions keep you from sharing your ideas or exercising your unique voice. Throw a mini Leuchtturm notebook in your bag, available in both blank and ruled pages, and let your mind wander whilst gallivanting around in a new setting. Record your new memories in these colorful booklets to keep them forever.

Stay Charged: Don't let your favorite electronic devices lose power while you're en route. Never miss a photo opportunity with the handy Extra Long i5/i6 compatible Cable from Kikkerland nearby. Available in an array of colors, this cord will charge your i-Phone from a shocking six feet away. Keep a coil in your car or plug in at an airport charging station to stay constantly powered up and ready for anything.

Stay Calm: The new big thing in stress relief for working adults will take you back to your childhood. Adult coloring books. Stow a booklet in your travel bag and unwind. Allow yourself to play, to take a break from screens, to see how creative you can be and forget about your usual stressors for a while. We offer a large selection of carry-along books from Giftcraft Inc. Rediscover the joy of pure, uninterrupted play.

Stay Covered: After long, leisurely afternoons at the beach come cooler nights and oftentimes, mosquitoes. Pull on one of our many options of gauzy, linen cover-ups and pull-on sweaters from Chalet. Each piece from this company feels entirely unique from the rest and it will remain a staple in your closet for years to come with unending versatility. While vacationing off the coast of the Cape this Summer, be sure to roll one of these lighter alternatives in your suitcase and stay comfortable in any weather.

We at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens want for you to relax this Summer, to find time for you, to spend time with the family, gathered around a dining table or perched on a lake shore. With our handy tips and tricks, we are confident that you will enjoy your time during the most beautiful season of the year.

How To Outfit A Bed For The Summer Months

An essential way to stay cool and relaxed this Summer is to update your bedding accordingly.

Think light layers, simple colors, soft textures. Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens is your one-stop shop for all things bedding to help you create a cool, relaxed atmosphere for the best possible sleep post-beach. 

Number One - Start With A Light Material: Our Ultima Supreme down alternative comforters are a cooler option than traditional down at a fraction of the cost. These light and fluffy inserts from Pacific Coast aim for the "look and feel of down" without all of the heaviness. These bed-starters are hypoallergenic and come with a limited 3-year warranty direct from the company. They will plump up any duvet and leave you feeling cool enough to doze off in total comfort. Think cotton sheets and pillow cases for breathability. 

Number Two - Think Light Colors: Busy colors in the bedroom can actually hinder your ability to properly unplug and fully put your mind at rest. With a soft palette, you can focus more effectively on the isolated calls of birds outside your window, lulling the world to sleep. A white palette or similar soft pastels are not too overwhelming to the senses when temperatures rise. Think cool, think simple, think easy. Add a colorful throw or accent pillow on the bed and drift off with no problem.

Number Three: Change It Up: Summer is a time of celebration, a time that is all its own, set apart from the rest of the calendar year. Summer is here and it is something to shop about. This is the time to get creative, to try colors and patterns that you have never had the courage to display in your home. Think nautical print, bright and bold, even contrasting shades. Try it all. Add a pop of color to your light-colored summer bedding. Switch up your duvet for Summer and store your heavier winter bedding for the Fall. Separating Summer bedding from Winter bedding is a simple way to bring joy into your home. A Summer bed represents Summer-thinking and Summer fun to be had.

Stop by Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens today for tips on how to keep your bedroom feeling cool and fresh this July. We are always here to help and chock full of ideas to keep you feeling your Summer finest. Call us for free decorating and design suggestions at 802-253-8050. We are located at 1813 Mountain Rd in Stowe VT

How to Grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate

Himalayan Salt Plate

So, you want to grill with a Himalayan Salt Plate?


Barbecue season is upon us and Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens has your new favorite grilling companion on site: A Himalayan Salt Plate from Charcoal Companion.
Available in three different sizes from the standard 12.5 x 8 block to a set of four 5 x 5 blocks, these natural, multi-use surfaces provide the perfect excuse for a backyard gathering. 
Himalayan salt is the healthier alternative to the regular iodized, table salt that you have been using for years to add a little extra flavor to your cooking. Rich with the same 84 minerals and essential vitamins found within the human body, according to the website for the Global Healing Center, the beautiful, pink salt allows you to indulge free of guilt. The natural salt in these blocks comes straight from the Himalayan Mountain Range stretching across the Asian continent where it has been collecting for millions of years, safe from potential exposure to toxins. Aptly referred to as "white gold" in the Himalayas, this gift from nature comes with a long list of health benefits including the regulation of water levels within the body for optimum cell hydration and increased performance, to aiding in vascular health and even reducing the signs of aging. These salt blocks will naturally deteriorate over time with extended use, with no clean up or environmental harm (

Himalayan salt blocks are as versatile as they are visually stunning.

Throw one on top of the grill or gas range stove for cooking with various meats and vegetables from scallops and steak to asparagus and roasted peppers, or in the fridge to chill your food and preserve freshness for longer. These blocks can also be used as flavorful serving trays, adding an extra kick to any fresh, Summer meal. Serve apples and salted caramel after dinner, grill up some shrimp for a quick, easy appetizer, or slow cook a margherita pizza right on the block! The possibilities are virtually endless! Flip through the Charcoal Companion Salt Plate Recipe Book for great new ideas for fun recipes to share with your family this season like lamb chops and tabbouleh (Pg. 35) or Seared Scallops and Blood Orange and Avocado Salad (Pg. 19). Make this Summer a memorable one with the gift of healthier, natural, Himalayan salt. Available at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens on the Mountain rd in Stowe.  Check here for other great grilling companions

Check out this video of a Charcoal Companion Salt Block at work to learn more about how to use this innovative and revolutionary product!

Cooking with Seasha at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens

Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens is new and improved! With a brand new cook-in kitchen and Dash & Albert rug center on the main floor, complete with custom upholstered seating and bedding, Vermont's favorite kitchen store just got a whole lot bigger! With the addition of our long-awaited kitchen center comes new weekend cooking classes from a selection of professional chefs from around the area. Here at Stowe Kitchen, Bath & Linens, we are blessed with our own in-house chef and culinary afficionado, our very own Seasha Scribner. Seasha will be leading the upcoming classes, beginning in mid-June following our grand opening of the new space on Tuesday, June 14th. The classes will be held on Friday evenings at Stowe Kitchen, Bath & Linens from 5-7 p.m. as well as two demo classes held on Saturday mornings beginning at 11 a.m. See our event page more details 

Meet Seasha Scribner! Seasha is a Private Chef living and working in Montreal, Quebec five days out of the week, and two days here at her home in Vermont as a part of our team at Stowe Kitchen. Seasha has a distinct love of all things fresh and all things food. Her passion for cooking began to take shape when she was just fourteen years old, assisting in her grandmother's kitchen on her farm in rural Ontario. Seasha would help to prepare quick and easy lunches for the workers on the farm and fondly remembers her grandmother's famous saying "if you can hear their spoon hitting the plate, you know they loved it." From that point onward, she built a career in Public Relations whilst religiously flipping through cooking magazines and preparing meals for her own family. In 1999, Seasha moved to Stowe where she began training for the first time in the culinary arts at Harvest Market, focusing solely on pastry work. After working for five years at Harvest Market and absorbing all of the  knowledge that she could in the delicate art of pastry, Seasha moved to the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2004 and trained as a Sous Chef with East West Catering, specializing in Pacific Caribbean Fusion. For her next adventure, Seasha moved to Fort Worth Texas in 2008 where she worked for the first time professionally as a Private Chef on a 20,000 acre ranch cooking for a fifteen-person staff. Fast forward two years to 2010, Seasha is living on the south shore of Montreal with a catering business, servicing magazines, photography studios and private homes. Seasha has a long list of loyal clients stretching from Montreal to Stowe, VT. She can accommodate to any individual tastes and health preferences. 

Seasha understands that the kitchen can be an intimidating place for anyone just starting out in the art of cooking. Her goal is to help build confidence in the novice chefs of Vermont with a sincere interest in the craft. She will be working largely with the products sold in store to create inspiring dishes for any occasion. Her primary focus will be on fresh, healthy eating, highlighting seasonal produce as it becomes available, and of course, lots of herbs. Take the tips that you learn here home tonight! Join Seasha on Friday, June 17th from 5-7 pm. at Stowe Kitchen, Bath & Linens for an introduction of what is to come! Come learn from the very best how to entertain in style and create beautiful, seasonal meals that you will want to make again and again.