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Summer Travel Tips

It's the season of travel: colorful caftans, comfortable yet stylish footwear for easy airport navigating, and natural, effortless beauty. Whether you are on-the-go off the coast of St. Barths or on-your-way to work, We have got you stocked with all of the essentials to just keep going. Vacation with ease with these top picks for the frequent travelers amongst us.

Stay Cool: "Revitalize your skin" with the Essential Face Wipes from local favorite health and skincare company, Ursa Major. Remove excess dirt and oil from sunscreen-clogged pores and let your face take a deep breath in. Add some life back to tired, sun-soaked skin and hydrate for added youth and vitality.

Stay Moisturized: Slip a 2.5 ounce bottle of Lafco hand cream into your purse before your next outing. In original scents ranging from Honeysuckle & Bergamot to Violet & Amberwood and Freesia & Waterlily, these perfect to-go size bottles add a refreshing burst of Summer to your skin with each application.

Stay Organized: Try our new toiletry and make-up bags for men and women by Catseye to stay organized this Summer. Slip one in your carry-all tote for everyday make-up products, keep one in your glove compartment for emergency essentials like safety pins and breath mints, or toss one in your gym bag to freshen up after a workout. Come in store to see our adorable, new, animal and hiker / adventurer themed styles.

Stay Stylish: Roll your cotton dresses and flip-flops in one of our terrific weekender bags by Sloane Ranger. This line is modeled after iconic "British Prep", offering anything from mini satchel bags to cross-body purses, wallets, duffels and slouchy backpacks. This company loves to feature more "preppy" prints, as they say, on their products: Think stripes, anchors, and playful, nostalgic prints like well-known antique cars.

Stay Creative: Don't let airline phone restrictions keep you from sharing your ideas or exercising your unique voice. Throw a mini Leuchtturm notebook in your bag, available in both blank and ruled pages, and let your mind wander whilst gallivanting around in a new setting. Record your new memories in these colorful booklets to keep them forever.

Stay Charged: Don't let your favorite electronic devices lose power while you're en route. Never miss a photo opportunity with the handy Extra Long i5/i6 compatible Cable from Kikkerland nearby. Available in an array of colors, this cord will charge your i-Phone from a shocking six feet away. Keep a coil in your car or plug in at an airport charging station to stay constantly powered up and ready for anything.

Stay Calm: The new big thing in stress relief for working adults will take you back to your childhood. Adult coloring books. Stow a booklet in your travel bag and unwind. Allow yourself to play, to take a break from screens, to see how creative you can be and forget about your usual stressors for a while. We offer a large selection of carry-along books from Giftcraft Inc. Rediscover the joy of pure, uninterrupted play.

Stay Covered: After long, leisurely afternoons at the beach come cooler nights and oftentimes, mosquitoes. Pull on one of our many options of gauzy, linen cover-ups and pull-on sweaters from Chalet. Each piece from this company feels entirely unique from the rest and it will remain a staple in your closet for years to come with unending versatility. While vacationing off the coast of the Cape this Summer, be sure to roll one of these lighter alternatives in your suitcase and stay comfortable in any weather.

We at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens want for you to relax this Summer, to find time for you, to spend time with the family, gathered around a dining table or perched on a lake shore. With our handy tips and tricks, we are confident that you will enjoy your time during the most beautiful season of the year.

10 Made-in-Vermont Products We Love

welcome to vermont signHere at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens, we believe that good skin care and healthy living products should be free of toxins and chock full of only the best ingredients for our loyal customers. Your health and overall wellness is our number one priority. Whether Vermont is home every day or for a few months out of the year, this list of our ten, favorite, Vermont-made products features the items that meet our standards of excellence that will surely give any Vermont-enthusiast another reason to celebrate. We believe part of being a true Vermonter comes from supporting the local businesses that work to make our state great all year round. Enjoy!

1. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

        No Vermont vacation would be complete without a visit to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury, VT. With over 100 current flavors to choose from, including select frozen yogurt flavors, there is something for everybody. Opened in 1978 as a gas station scoop shop, the company has since expanded into an international conglomerate, beloved around the world. Pop into the world-famous factory here in its birthplace for a tour of the factory itself to take a look into how your favorite cold treats are made, from farm to freezer.

2. Elmore Mountain Farm Soaps

        If you like natural products, made locally, without any of the toxins found in some of the bigger brand name products on the shelves today, look no further than Elmore Mountain Farms. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, Elmore Mountain Farms products are made with goat's milk and are specifically formulated to nourish the skin without any harmful ingredients. The featured scents range from lavender, patchouli orange, and lemongrass to pine forest in everything from handmade soaps to massage oils to natural deodorant sticks.

3. Darn Tough Socks

        Living in an idyllic location such as Vermont comes with its challenges with oftentimes extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. Darn Tough socks are just that ‑ tough. Built to withstand the harshest conditions and protect feet from extreme cold temperatures as well as blistering and irritation, they are built with your health and comfort in mind. Perfect for wear on the slopes in the Winter and inside of your hiking boots in the warmer months, Darn Tough socks come with a lifetime guarantee from the company. Made with Merino Wool and Coolmax technology to wick away moisture throughout the day, Darn Tough socks are a necessary investment for anyone with an active lifestyle.

4. J.K. Adams

        Located in Dorset, VT, J.K. Adams has been producing unique, Vermont-made wooden products for over fifty years. Specializing in artisanal cutting and serving boards, both wood and slate, J.K. Adams boards come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Durability is the number one priority. A board from J.K. Adams is built to last from generation to generation and is always intended to make a statement in any kitchen no matter the size or style.

5. Ursa Major Products

        A unisex skin care line for the people of Vermont! Ursa Major products are made from all organic ingredients. It is an all-natural alternative to the "toxin-laden products that pervade today's market." Formulated to hydrate, soften, and heal the skin, these products are designed to naturally ward off irritation and dryness caused by shaving and environmental free radicals. Ursa Major creates their product line with busy men and women in mind, offering several multi-tasking and time-saving, miracle products such as the 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic and the Fortifying Face Balm. With products offered for face and body, Ursa Major is a skincare staple for anyone interested in a healthier and safer alternative to wellness.

6. Cabot Cheese and Creamery

        Vermonters are passionate about their dairy products. Ask any local about the best quality cheese in the area and Cabot is the name you will hear, every time. With plants spread over three different states in New England, Cabot has been in business for almost 100 years. Honorably praised for their "World's Best Sharp Cheddar" in the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest, along with their Plain Greek Yogurt, Cabot is a name your family can trust. All Cabot cheeses are produced with fresh milk straight from the udders of  local Vermont farm dairy cows. Furthermore, Cabot cows directly reduce the company's carbon footprint by providing the electricity needed to churn their famous salted butter.

7. Mount Mansfield Maple Products

        Vermonters like their maple syrup all natural and authentic. No artificial flavors and most importantly, no high fructose corn syrup. Pure Vermont Maple Syrup comes packed with the original maple taste that our state is famous for. Made from real sap, boiled and bottled, Pure Vermont Maple products range from the syrup you know and love in a variety of colors and flavors to hard maple candies and flavored granolas. It isn't breakfast in Vermont without a hint of maple in there somewhere.

8. The Alchemist: Heady Topper

        Heady Topper is so highly in demand across the state that retailers actually had to place a limit: four cans per customer, per transaction. The Alchemist is a small, local brewery, currently producing Heady Topper exclusively to the Vermont citizens who simply cannot get enough of the supremely hoppy IPA. "Drink it from the can", Alchemist brewers encourage their devoted imbibers to best experience the uniquely high level of hops inside. The new and improved brewery, located in central Stowe, VT, is currently closed to the public, but the highly sought after beer can be purchased at a number of local retailers throughout the state.

9. King Arthur Flour

        King Arthur flour is the one brand that Vermont families trust above all else. King Arthur flours are always Non-GMO and "made to the highest standards in the industry" according to their website. With over 25 distinctive flours in their inventory as well as a vast selection of kitchen appliances and baking tools and ready-made mixes, King Arthur Flour is every baker's best and most trusted friend in the kitchen.

10. Vermont Peanut Butter

        Made with 100% U.S.A. grown nuts, Vermont Peanut Butters are packed with extra protein to support an active lifestyle. Their creative nut butters are made without GMO's, added sugars or hydrogenated oils. With the classic peanut butter products that you know: creamy versus chunky, as well as uniquely named butters such as Good Karma featuring added Dark Chocolate, and Bee Nut Butter, sweetened with all natural Vermont honey, Vermont Peanut Butter is a healthier deviation from the big brand products that you've seen on the shelves at your local grocery store.

        Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens is always on the hunt for new incredible Vermont products to showcase and enjoy. We stand behind these ten Vermont staples any day. Come on in today to find some of your favorites in our store.

- See you at the store!