Top 10 Gifts for Dad's - #6 is key!


Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day

ursa major stellar shave set
It's time to celebrate Dad! At Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens, consider us your personalized shoppers. We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Gifts For Dad this June 19th. We’ll help you thank him for all of those years when he picked you up from soccer practice, paid for summer camp, tucked you in at night and knelt down to peek under the bed. 



  1. 1. A 64 ounce growler from True Fabrications. Whether he is just starting out in the art of craft brewing or if he's been serving his own creations for years, a decorative opaque glass growler will make a brilliant addition to any brewing station or man-cave alike. 
  2. The Ursa Major Shave Set by Ursa Major, a skincare company created to replace the "toxin-laden products" that line most drugstore shelves makes a brilliant gift for any doting father out there. The Shave Set is complete with a travel size Stellar Shave Cream and a premium Ursa Major razor with a handcrafted wooden handle. 
  3. Vineyard Vines clothing for him (and her). Colorful polos, shorts and zip-up sweaters make up just some of the items that we have here on display from the notoriously bright casual-wear line out of Martha's Vineyard.  
  4. A Barbecue Apron from Now Designs is just the thing to delight any man who loves his grill almost as much as he loves you. He'll thank you when the spatter ends up on this heavy-duty apron instead of his new "Lighthouse Red" short-sleeve polo from Vineyard Vines. 
  5. A Campfire Cookbook by Don and Pam Philpott. Throw this in his pack the next time he heads out for a weekend outdoors. It comes in a zip-up, waterproof case to protect it from unexpected rain showers.  This book is chock full of inventive and simple recipes that require few ingredients from breakfast options like "omelet in a bag" to protein-packed snacks like "Nutty Oatmeal Cookies" to three-course gourmet entrees. 
  6. The Cast Iron Grill Sauce Kit from Lodge is a must-have for anyone interested in cooking up a storm for a summer barbecue this season. This kit comes complete with a small, Cast Iron Melting Pot and heat resistant silicone basting brush, as well as a booklet of easy, grilling sauce recipes. The pot itself is seasoned with vegetable oil for a smooth finish that protects it over time. All Lodge cast iron products are made in the U.S.A. and built to last for decades. 
  7. Dr. Danger Coffees from the doctor himself, former Chief Medical Correspondent for NBC and CBS, Bob Arnot. Dr. Danger Coffees aim to bring the health back into your cup of morning coffee. Chock full of 300 mg. of chlorogenics, the primary health-packed polyphenol found in coffee, Dr. Danger wants your coffee bold, flavorful and good for you. 
  8. Himalayan Salt Plates are perfect for outdoor grilling, indoor cooking and as a flavorful serving surface. Pink, Himalayan salt is packed full of rich minerals and essential vitamins necessary for healthy growth and maintenance. Throw on a handful of shrimp for the barbecue, grilled asparagus or even apple slices for a little barbecuing fun this Summer. 
  9. A box set of Ridley's Chess and Checkers, all in one box. Complete with game board, 32 Chess pieces, and 24 Checker pieces, as well as an instruction booklet, your dad will be entertained for hours on end. 
  10. A Two-Stage Universal Knife Sharpener from Wusthof. Appropriate for both serrated and scalloped edged knives as well as select ceramic knives with blades for Coarse and Fine blades designed for fast and effective sharpening.  

Treat dad right this year. Say thank you for the years that have passed and the ones still to come. June 19th is a cause for celebration and we at Stowe Kitchen Bath & Linens want to help you celebrate with success and style every time. 

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  • Tessa Eisenberg