Copy of October 14 - Fall in Alsace Lorraine 12-2pm

Product Description

The area of Alsace Lorraine has flip-flopped back and forth between Germany and France, each one ruling then the other for several centuries. Over time, Germany’s influence on traditional French dishes became apparent but it is the fusion of the two cuisines which are so culturally different which has resulted in the outstanding cuisine to be found there today. Come learn how to create these popular dishes from the North Eastern region of France.

• Frittatensuppe
• Weiner Schnitzel with Currant Jam
• Kaese Spaetzle
• Kaiserschmarrn

Maximum group size is 10 and we must have a minimum of 4 people per class.  We do parties of up to 100, call 802-253-8050 for more details. 

    $ 70.00